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A world where everyone embraces and values each and every person

To inspire young people by creating inclusive communities through education, activities, capacity building and social connections.

Belonging, Leadership, Community, Collaboration

Why Friendship?

Friendship changes everything.

People with disabilities are too often isolated from the mainstream community and lack opportunities to create meaningful friendship, to be included, and to contribute. 

At Friendship Circle we believe in the power of friendship to create a community where everyone is celebrated and accepted for who they are. We bring people with and without disabilities together to develop friendships through the backdrop of over the top fun programs, weekend activities, school holiday camps, getaways and vocational opportunities.

Individuals with disabilities make friends in an environment that focuses on their abilities and uniqueness giving them joy, meaning, and connection.

Volunteers learn to appreciate differences, see the world with new perspectives and incorporate inclusion, disability awareness and social action in their everyday lives and careers.

The Rebbe

Uncondtional love for everyone

Friendship Circle was founded with the inspiration of the The Rebbe’s unconditional love for every person. To the Rebbe, everyone belonged. He taught us that none of us are complete unless all of us are included. Perhaps the most remarkable aspect of the Rebbe's approach to inclusion was how perfectly natural it was to him.

The Rebbe's call for inclusion did not result from the latest medical studies, societal shifts, or external pressures; it came from within. We are inspired by the Rebbe’s teachings to create a world where we connect with each other on a soul level, and where we appreciate that we are all so much more alike than we are different. To learn more about the Rebbe visit

Our Founders

Everyone has a purpose

Chana started working with individuals with disabilities at the age of 19. When she saw the young people she worked with enjoy her company as much as she did, she ditched her plans of becoming an interior designer and together with her husband Rabbi Sender embarked on creating a community where everyone belongs. 

The Kavkas are driven by the Rebbe’s teaching that every single person is inherently good and valuable and in the right environment thrive and rise up to contribute. 

Chana and Rabbi Sender describe running Friendship Circle together as the perfect ying-yang. She’s creative with overflowing passion and he’s the implementer, bringing the ideas into tangible action.

What inspires them most is not what happens in their programs but hearing the accomplishments of volunteers and members with disabilities that happen as a ripple effect of the friendship and inclusion they experience at Friendship Circle.

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