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Day Camp

Junior Day Camp (ages 5-12)
Teen Day Camp (ages 13-18)

Running up to four times per year, Day Camps are a highlight of the school holidays.
Participants with and without disability enjoy a mix of incursions and excursions, such as film-making, reptile shows, swimming, canoeing, yoga, and more.

This is a fantastic opportunity to make friends and try something new during the school holidays.

Social Hangouts

Junior Sunday Circle
(ages 5-12)
Teen Sunday Circle
(ages 13-18)
FC Social 
(ages 18-30)

Our social hangouts are filled with fun and laughter.
Running for two hours, participants with and without disabilities come together to hang out, engage in fun, age-appropriate activities, and build friendships. The focus of these programs is on developing social skills and connecting participants to their community.

Parent Support

Meet other parents and build connections.
Parents of children with disabilities are invited to connect with other Friendship Circle families through our social Family Shabbat Dinners, and Mums' and Dads' Nights. We also offer educational sessions with industry experts, empowering parents to advocate for their children.

Weekend Getaways

(ages 5-12)
(ages 13-18)
Young Adult
(ages 18-30)

Amazing weekends away filled with fun activities.
Participants with disabilities and young adult volunteers spend an amazing weekend away, enjoying activities, such as swimming, socialising, yoga, and more.

Our Juniors and Teens usually spend the weekend in the Southern Highlands, while the Young Adults fly to Melbourne.


After School Program
(ages 5-18)
Sports Club (ages 12-15)

Explore and learn new skills.
Clubs are focused on specific themes. The after-school programs give participants the opportunity to explore their interests in STEM through Lego (ages 5-12), and film-making (ages 13-18). Sports Club is centred around moving our bodies and working together as a team as we play soccer, basketball, or try different gymnastics exercises.

Social Enterprise

(ages 5-12)
(ages 13-18)
Young Adult
(ages 18-30)

experiencing meaningful employment.
Friendship Bakery is a social enterprise that aims to empower young people living with a disability by challenging them to take on the responsibilities of creating and selling their own baked goods.

School Education

Kindness and Inclusion.
Friendship Circle runs workshops on disability and inclusion across primary schools in Sydney. This program encourages an early understanding on how we all can make the world a kinder place.

Get involved...

Connect with other young people to have fun and create meaningful realtionships



Join a community who want to have fun and decrease social isolation felt by those with a disability


Help change the landscape and the narrative for so many young people  with and without disabilities in our community

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