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Friendship Circle believes that each child has purpose and a gift to give the world. 

The incredible Friendship Circle continues to empower all those involved, the young people with disabilities and all the fantastic volunteers.

 Each person benefits and learns from each other creating the diverse and beautiful world that we are all a part of.

If you are able to help, please support Friendship Circle by sponsoring our Friendship Walk and donate here.

Thank you for your past and current support of this wonderful cause. 

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Lots of love and friendship always The Levins




Larry Schreier


Arthur & Daelene Kopelowitz


Elvira & John Naiman

great work Arty.


Jon Pillemer


Alan Treisman

What a magnificant cause


Isabel & Michael Shur


David Moses


Lee-ann & Laurence Morris


Adam Zines

Awesome organisation! Well done Artie and Dae


Ron Bowen


Martin Block Family


Bobs And Chad


Steven Sher


Brett Goldin

You’re a true mensch Arthur.


Hayley Rom


Carole Schlessinger

Go Team K!!


Bev & Marc


Julia Parij

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