We love our customers!

Your satisfaction is the key ingredient that makes our project work. You inspire and motivate the team to be the best they can be, delivering delicious products and great service.

Our baked goods journey starts with sourcing high-quality ingredients and is brought to life by the love and care of our inclusive team. The baked goods become a symbol of community connection when we present them to you.

We have a range of ways that you can buy our products and connect with our team.

How you can buy our products

Friday Market Day

Indulge your senses and connect with the community at our Friday Market Day.

Held every Friday at our shop in Vaucluse, you can sit down for a coffee or suprise your family with our savoury and sweet treats made with the finest ingredients.

Special Occasions

Scale your joy by celebrating festivals and loved ones with Friendship Bakery gift boxes.

Current offerings include:
March - Purim
May -  Mother's Day
September - Father's Day
September - Rosh Hashanah
December - Chanukah

Corporate Events

Our bakers are ready to take your event to the next level with our fresh, quality products.

Engage your team with a local project tackling a complex social issue, and support our bakers to engage with the wider community.

What we make

We bake a range of sweet baked goods such as Babka, Rugelach, scrolls, and cookies, as well as range of savoury treats including Bourekas and seeded crackers. We also create the most delicious quiches bursting with flavours such as mushroom, spinach and feta, and Mediterranean.

Our products mostly contain dairy and gluten, with some non-dairy options and gluten-free options such as our popular Lemon Almond Cake.

For a full list of our products click here.





The Friendship Bakery supplies delicious Challah, biscuits, cakes and other baked goods to the local community. 


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