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Who is the program suitable for?

The Friendship Bakery Capacity Building Program is for young adults with disabilities who have an interest in food prep or customer service, would like to develop their employability skills and benefit from hands-on learning.

Some of our participants are just starting their employment journey while others have already undertaken studies, or have even been previously employed.

What does a day at Friendship Bakery look like?

Program participants work together in a small inclusive team consisting of 2-4 participants with disabilities and 2-4 peer mentors. Under the guidance of a Production Lead they produce delicious baked goods, serve customers and complete other Bakery-related tasks.

Our aim is for participants to master specific skills and recipes that match their strengths while experiencing and developing an appreciation of all parts of the production and retail business.

We create a highly motivating environment for participants through designing an inclusive team with enthusiastic mentors who support and engage the bakers in customer interactions.

Why choose Friendship Bakery?

Small Groups
Participants work in small groups and are well supported by our team of mentors, which allows attention to each individual's personal goals and progress.

Community Connections
The Bakery is strategically located in the heart of the community on the Mark Moran Retirement Village Campus and creates the opportunity to engage with residents, volunteers and customers, increasing participants social connections.

State of The Art Facility
The Facility has been purpose-built and fitted out with modern equipment with advanced safety features to ensure a positive experience.

Personalised Attention + Extension Projects
The program works around each participant's strength. Plus, we can create optional programs to extend individuals, such as barista training and resume writing, as well as developing partnerships to help connect participant to industry. 

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The Friendship Bakery supplies delicious Challah, biscuits, cakes and other baked goods to the local community. 


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