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Kade Levert

Volunteering at Friendship Circle is addictive, it is a second home for me. I love hanging out with my friend Jesse who I have been lucky enough to have known my whole life!

Linda McCarthy

Above all, Friendship Circle has given Nicky a sense of belonging. It is his home away from home and has been part of Nicky's life since primary school.

Sammy Nickig

At Friendship Circle, I feel happy even if I am nervous! I love playing games and going to Day Camp. The best part is when we go to new and different places. I have lots of friends, which makes me happy. 

Romi Adler

Being part of Friendship Circle means I can do something every single Sunday. I've been doing Friendship Circle for a really long time and have become good friends with Tahli, Ally, Nicci, Tali, Jade and Toby.

Brigitte Goh

Brigitte: I love my Sundays at Friendship Circle! I like to hang out with my friends, dancing, free time and painting.

Rebecca (Brigitte's mum): At Friendship Circle, Brigi feels she belongs.

Michaela Horowitz

Friendship Circle always reminds me to never underestimate a person with a disability and to always encourage and empower our participants to achieve their goals and dreams, because anything is really possible.

Jo Smith

Being part of Friendship Circle has been like having a village that wraps its arms around us. Cate has been involved for the last 6 years and she has had the opportunity to participate in so many wonderful activities.

Will Gibbons

Friendship Circle has been a game changer for me and so many people I know. I never thought I'd find such a great group of people who really care about friendship and inclusion. 

Mikey Karseboom

Through Friendship Circle, Mikey Sarif and I have made a lasting friendship and we speak to each other almost every day. My mum and Mikey's mum have also become good friends!

Harry Skurnik

At Sunday Circle, I love talking to my friend Davidi about sports and all the latest soccer games. Dog training and laser tag are two of my favourite activities we have done together so far!

Thanh Wechsler

Hugh lights up when we tell him he's going to Friendship Circle. Our son Hugh is 14 and has autism with a moderate intellectual disability. He's having the full Friendship Circle experience, he attends school holiday camps, Sunday Circle, and overnight getaways.

Noa Jacobson

Giddy and I do more than enjoy our time together. He never fails to brighten my day and he's got the most amazing personality. Giddy always has a positive outlook on whatever he is doing.

Aiden Spiro

My friends at Friendship Circle are nice and I think about them all the time. I love the activities, my favourite one is music and I reckon Reptile Steve. I've made 1 2 3 4 5 friends at Friendship Circle who are the same age as me.

Sophie Lew

I'm not friends with Nicky because he has a disability. We're friends because we laugh together, we can talk about anything, we support each other, and we enjoy each other's company. 

Noah Bass

My friend group that I'm around at school is usually people who have the same ability as me. I decided to join Friendship Circle so I could make new friends and I could engage with people of all abilities.

Mark Nerwich

My buddy's imagination is incredible. He's always pushing me to think up new and exciting superhero and villain scenes. I rarely get to exercise my imagination in my daily life so I really value our creative time together.

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